Pulsar’s Ultrasonic Success with Super-light Fumed Silica Measurement

MCERTS is the UK’s Monitoring Certification Scheme established by the Environment Agency (EA) . The MCERTS certification promotes public confidence in monitoring equipment and provides a framework for choosing this type of equipment. It can be seen, from the certificates available on the EA's website, that the top 7 devices (all Class 1) are all ultrasonic technology and that radar appears first at number 8 (Class 2). As these devices have all been subjected to the same vigorous independent testing, including solar radiation - which is a key element, there is no argument that ultrasonics are the more accurate technology than radar for open channel flow measurement.

One supplier of these ultrasonic MCERTs certified products is Pulsar Process Measurement Ltd. Pulsar has actively supported the MCERTS flow meter scheme from its initiation and since their first product submission in 2009, have held the title of ‘Most Accurate MCERTS device’. A further 7 years later, Pulsar has installed 1000s of MCERTS systems within the UK and now has 3 product offerings – all Class 1.

With 0.044% accuracy (MCERTS Class 1 certified), Pulsar’s DUET with FlowCERT is the most accurate open channel flow measurement MCERTS system available. Their FlowCERT Lite with dB3 and external temperature compensation sensor follows closely with 0.054% accuracy (MCERTS Class 1). Through these product developments, Pulsar has showcased its ability to keep accuracy in mind to help end users and MCERTS inspectors and thus has become renowned as an innovator within the water and wastewater industry.

As the industry has developed, Pulsar has been committed to developing and pushing boundaries – resulting in recently adding a further MCERTS Class 1 certified product to their product offering. A cost effective ultrasonic device incorporating a FlowCERT Lite and dB3 with twin sunshields and internal temperature compensation (0.193% accuracy MCERTS certified) – reducing the need and costs involved with an external temperature compensation sensor.

Pulsar has a wealth of experience within the water and wastewaster industry and as they approach their 20th anniversary, Alistair MacKinnon said “It’s pleasing to see ultrasonics are more accurate than other technologies and has been proven from independent tests rather than hearsay. We continue to create innovative products for the worldwide water/wastewater industry and are also keen to provide the best accuracy possible.”


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